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What do Mormons Believe? - The Articles of Faith

Many people of other religions are either curious about what Mormon's believe or have been told by non-Mormon's what Mormons believe. Either way, accurate information from the Mormon Church or from someone who is a Mormon would be helpful to provide some clarification and a sufficient amount of "real" information about Mormon beliefs. Since providing information about Mormon beliefs is one of the key purposes of Mormon Blog there will be much shared on this topic in coming posts. To get things started I will refer readers what we call in the Mormon Church:

The Articles of Faith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Articles of Faith describe the Mormon belief in God who is the Eternal Father, in His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. They also describe our belief that men are responsible for their own sins and not for Adam's transgression, and that through the Atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel. The first principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are these:
  1. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. Repentance
  3. Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins
  4. Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost
The Articles of Faith also describe our belief in the organization of the Church being the same as what existed in the Primitive Church with apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc., and the gifts of the Spirit such as tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, etc.

An important Mormon belief that is expressed in the Articles of Faith is that Mormon's believe in Modern Revelation. In other words, not only do we believe that God has revealed things to mankind, but we also believe that he is revealing and will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

Mormons believe that the Bible is the word of God as far as it is translated correctly, and a distinguishing belief is that Mormon's also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God - as a companion scripture to the Bible. Much more will be shared on this topic in future posts.

To see all 13 Articles of Faith, please visit The Articles of Faith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Additional information about Mormon Beliefs can also be found at


Anonymous said...

THE THIRTEEN ARTICLES OF FAITH Mormons Believe But Are Afraid To Tell You

1. We believe that if we are good Mormons who marry our wives in the Temple, when we are resurrected, we become Gods. We get our own star and have lots of sex, so we have billions of spirit children. If we are lucky, we get more than one wife. Our firstborn spirit child becomes the Jesus to a planet we populate. We get to make an Adam and Eve for each planet. Then they (that planet's Adam and Eve) start making physical bodies for all our spirit children.

2. We believe God was once a human just like us on another planet. He was a good Mormon with his own Jesus and his own God. He was eternally married to a woman from that world who became our Heavenly Mother. God and Heavenly Mother got their own star and their firstborn spirit child was Jesus. Above God the Father is God the Grandfather, and above him, God the Great Grandfather, and it goes back forever.

3. We believe Jesus, the Holy Ghost, Michael the Archangel, Satan, all humans, and all demons are spirit children of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. We all lived together in the Pre-existence with God near a star called Kolob, God's first created star. One third of God's spirit children took Satan's side, got thrown out of Heaven, and became the demons. The rest took Jesus' and Michael's side. Michael became Adam and the ancestor of us all.

4. We believe the body of Jesus was created from a sperm of God the Father's. The Holy Ghost put that sperm in Mary's womb, and the embryo of Jesus was created.

5. We believe the Bible has been chopped up quite a bit. A lot of good stuff has been taken out, like the books of Jasher, Ahijah, Shemaiah, Iddo, and Jehu, and the Laodicean Epistle by Paul. There is also the story in Genesis about Enoch and his city, which was taken to Heaven.

6. We believe the Book of Mormon to be Scripture superior to the Bible, because the Bible has been changed so much from when it was originally written. The Book of Mormon is a history of two Jewish Indian tribes, known as the Nephites and Lamanites. They came here about 600 BC. The Nephites were mostly good and wrote the Book of Mormon on Gold Plates. Jesus visited them shortly after his resurrection. In time, the Nephites became pretty bad, and were wiped out about 400 AD. Moroni, the last Nephite, buried the Gold Plates in a hill in New York.

7. We believe in three heavens. The highest one is called the Celestial Kingdom. God the Father, Heavenly Mother, Jesus, and all good Mormons and children who died before they were 8 will live there forever. The middle heaven is called the Terrestrial Kingdom. It is for good people who did not want to be Mormons. Jesus and people from the Celestial Kingdom can come down to visit, but God the Father and Heavenly Mother cannot. The lowest heaven is the Telestial Kingdom. It is for people who were pretty bad, and spent the whole Millennium in Hell.

8. We believe people who did not get a chance to become Mormons in this life can become Mormons in the next life. Mormons get baptized for dead people in the Temple. This will go on in the Millennium until every good person who wants to become a Mormon will get a chance.

9. We believe the only people who stay in Hell forever are Satan, the demons, ex-Mormons who criticize the Church, and really, really bad Mormons who would have killed Jesus themselves if they could have gotten away with it.

10. We believe those of African descent are descendants of Cain, through Ham's Cainite wife, Egyptus. We believe they could not have the Priesthood because they were less valiant in the Pre-existence.

11. We believe we no longer have to believe what dead Presidents of the Church believed. We don't have to believe, as Brigham Young did, that Adam is God the Father, or that Jesus was a polygamist, or that gold grows. We don't have to believe, as President Joseph Fielding Smith did, that we would never make it to the Moon, or that those of African descent cannot receive the Priesthood until Abel has children on another planet, who get the Priesthood there first.

12. We believe a text which was proven to be a 4th century BC Egyptian funeral text, which has been translated by many Egyptologists, to really be the Book of Abraham, and that Joseph Smith's totally different translation is the only true one. We also might believe the Kinderhook Plates he translated to be accurate, even though they were proven to be a hoax, or that he knew he was being tricked, even though he translated part of them.

13. We believe whatever the President of the Church says is true, even if it contradicts a dead President of the Church, or even if it contradicts history. Our salvation depends on us sacrificing our intellect to the President of the Church, and its General Authorities.

Bob Hilke, Jr. said...

Dear Anonymous, I appreciate your interest in what Mormons believe. It seems as though you have some pre-conceived notions as to what we believe or teach. Your comments remind me of many things that I heard BEFORE as well as after I joined the LDS Church from non-Mormons. In spite of comments such as yours and other similar statements that are either based only on partial truths, taken out of context, or which are simply incorrect, I am so glad that I proceeded to be baptized into the LDS Church. It was truly the best decision I have made in my entire life.