Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Home Evening

Tonight, Monday evening, we had Family Home Evening. This is where our entire family gathers for some family time. Most important is that we spend time together. Sometimes we have an activity or a lesson. Tonight we discussed Patriarchal Blessings. The Mormon Church provides excellent online resources for families who wish to hold Family Home Evening in their home.

Here's some lesson topic ideas provided at our church website:

Appreciating Music

Compile Family History


Forgiving Others

Gaining a Testimony



Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Life and Teachings of Christ

Managing Family Resources


Plan of Salvation


Preparing for Baptism, Priesthood ordination, or Marriage

Preparing for the Temple

Reading the Scriptures


Reverence and Respect


Sharing Household Work

Sharing the Gospel

Solving Family Problems


Understanding Death

Word of Wisdom

Ideas for how to get started, and how to make your Family Home Evenings successful can be found at this web page:

Helps for Family Home Evening

When we are faithful at having Family Home Evening consistently every week, things just seem to go better for our family. I encourage all to try this wonderful idea.

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