Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mormon Seminary

Our family just returned from Seminary Graduation where our daughter graduated from her 2nd year of Seminary. In the Mormon religion, high school students attend seminary daily through all four years of school, often times meeting early in the morning for an hour of religious instruction every day before their regular high school classes begin. This year, the Seminary students studied the Old Testament. These are the Old Testament books they just finished studying...

Genesis (Gen.)
Exodus (Ex.)
Leviticus (Lev.)
Numbers (Num.)
Deuteronomy (Deut.)
Joshua (Josh.)
Judges (Judg.)
Ruth (Ruth)
1 Samuel (1 Sam.)
2 Samuel (2 Sam.)
1 Kings (1 Kgs.)
2 Kings (2 Kgs.)
1 Chronicles (1 Chr.)
2 Chronicles (2 Chr.)
Ezra (Ezra)
Nehemiah (Neh.)
Esther (Esth.)
Job (Job)
Psalms (Ps.)
Proverbs (Prov.)
Ecclesiastes (Eccl.)
The Song of Solomon (Song.)
Isaiah (Isa.)
Jeremiah (Jer.)
Lamentations (Lam.)
Ezekiel (Ezek.)
Daniel (Dan.)
Hosea (Hosea)
Joel (Joel)
Amos (Amos)
Obadiah (Obad.)
Jonah (Jonah)
Micah (Micah)
Nahum (Nahum)
Habakkuk (Hab.)
Zephaniah (Zeph.)
Haggai (Hag.)
Zechariah (Zech.)
Malachi (Mal.)
And these are the scriptures that the students memorized during the year...

Seminary Old Testament Scripture Mastery

The following article describes how our Church leaders encourage our Seminary Students to Stand True and Faithful in a world full of distractions:

Stand True and Faithfull

What a great blessing it is to find a religion which instructs its young men and young women in the scriptures to equip them with faith, knowledge, virtue and testimony to be able to stand true and faithful as they prepare to stand on their own in this very important time of their life.

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